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 AFCEA DC is the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association of Washington, D.C..  We have a proud heritage as the oldest AFCEA regional point of presence in the Washington Metropolitan area. We are dedicated to providing our members with technical, policy, regulatory, program and budget information that directly shapes federal technology decisions in the Defense & Security arena.

With activities centered near downtown Washington, D.C., AFCEA DC draws top-tier executives, technology policy makers, and thought leaders from the Pentagon, other Executive Branch agencies, and Congress to speak to and interact with members. Monthly luncheons feature senior government and industry executives that have tremendous impact on the federal technology market. Technical symposia offer government policy makers, program managers and oversight officials insight into the potential of new and emerging technologies as well as new ways to apply technology to reduce costs and improve mission performance. Finally, social events provide invaluable networking opportunities to build relationships that will endure over time. In short, AFCEA DC events provide a critical communications linkage in the business of governance.

As AFCEA DC offers its members networking and information, it leverages fee-for-admission events to raise funds for one of the most robust scholarship & STEM Education programs in the area. AFCEA DC has awarded scholarships for 22 years to students pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math degrees. We offer $8,000 scholarships to D.C. area high school seniors and $4,000 scholarships to community college students, as well as support McKinley Technology High School - the STEM designated school for the Public School System of the Nation's Capital.

More than a blind act of philanthropic altruism, the AFCEA DC scholarship & STEM Ed programs foster interest in technology fields to address the well-documented shortage of skilled technology workers. Investing time and money in AFCEA DC therefore enables members to do well while doing good for the community as a whole. Membership provides invaluable information, networking opportunities, and a means to address the most pressing need of every technology organization today - talented, dedicated people with top technical skills.


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