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Committees & Volunteering


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(Be sure to check out the Committee descriptions below before you sign-up)

AFCEA DC is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of:

  • An Executive Committee (ten current Officers; two Immediate-Past-Presidents; and Chapter CIO, serving 1-year terms); along with guidance from the Young AFCEANs Chair; three Working Group Chairs, and Chapter Staff Director
  • Twenty-seven Elected Board Members (three classes of Directors, nine members per class, serving 3-year staggered terms)
  • Two Board Members At-Large (Chapter Young AFCEANS Chair & a Member appointed by the President, serving 1-year terms)
  • Active Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs (ex oficio)
  • Chapter Staff Director (ex oficio)

Altogether, there are nearly 40 executives in industry and government guiding/pushing/promoting/achieving the work of AFCEA DC on a daily basis.  Most of the Board members play an additional role of chairing a Committee within the organization; and, other committee chairs are pulled from among the ranks of long-term members/volunteers.  However the real work of AFCEA DC is done in the various committees, and volunteer members are the key to our success.

To Volunteer and serve on an AFCEA DC committee(s), read the Committee Descriptions below, then Register as a Volunteer and indicate your interests on the sign-up form.

For questions about volunteering or getting more involved in AFCEA DC, contact Kimberly Meyer, Chapter Engagement Committee Chair, by email:

For general Chapter questions about events, registration, membership, or administrative / logistical issues, please contact Staff by email:

AFCEA DC Committees

    Monthly Luncheons Committee -- Responsible for securing prominent guest speakers, preparing speaker and flag writers, logistics, hotel facilities arrangements, audio visual, script, head table, VIPs, luncheon publicity, registration, check-in, ticket disbursement, corp table placement, Chapter business to be conducted at the lunch, and the Corp Table Holder program (including policy, benefits, marketing, recruiting, monthly registration, corp table holder services, collections, ensuring exposure, and evaluating the experiences of the Corp Table Holders.) >>Volunteer Now

    Sponsorship Committee -- Responsible for developing & executing plans for soliciting individual and corporate sponsors for Chapter events and initiatives, including: ensuring that all supporters of AFCEA DC events are recognized properly throughout our pre-event marketing efforts, at the event itself, and after the event; developing, maintaining & growing a comprehensive list of potential sponsorship target companies; coordinating the effort with the other committees and committee chairs; soliciting individuals and businesses to establish sponsorship relationships, based on the goals and criteria of the sponsorship plan; properly thanking all sponsors for their financial and in-kind contributions. >>Volunteer Now

    Small Business Committee -- Responsible for encouraging the education, growth, and development of small businesses within the Greater Washington region that are contributing their energies and talents to the security of our Nation. The Committee will explore events, services, products & programming that will enhance the business development capabilities of AFCEA DC member companies and friends, as well as work to provide professional development opportunities to the individual employees of small businesses. >>Volunteer Now

    Annual Technical Symposium (for Mobile, Cybersecurity, and Emerging Technologies) and the supporting Working Group Committees -- Responsible for the planning and execution of the three critical Conferences, including:  setting themes & topics, speaker recruitment, sponsor recruitment & services (in conjunction with the sponsorship committee), event marketing, registration, working with government liaison offices, site reservation, volunteer recruitment, exhibits, speaker/flag-writer prep, hotel & AV arrangements, media relations (in conjunction with the Marketing & Publicity Committee), materials prep, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management, on-stage execution, & event follow up. >>Volunteer Now

    Golf Tournament Committee -- Responsible for assisting with planning and execution of the Annual AFCEA DC/USO Golf Tournament, including:  volunteer recruitment, logistics, government invites, sponsor recruitment, giveaways solicitation, event marketing, onsite staffing. >>Volunteer Now

    Winter Gala at the Corcoran Committee -- Responsible for the planning and execution of the holiday Winter Gala, including: venue oversight, themes & colors, entertainment, government guest invites, event marketing, ticket sales, caterer selections, decorations, protocol, pictures, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management. >>Volunteer Now

    Spring Leadership Awards Gala Committee -- Responsible for the planning and execution of the Spring Gala to honor our Service Heroes, including: site reservation, themes, entertainment, government guest invites, sponsor recruitment & table sales, event marketing, registration, decorations, protocol, pictures, onsite logistics, check-in, & flow management. >>Volunteer Now

    Awards Committee -- Responsible for locating, reviewing & recognizing those persons and companies who deserve special recognition for contributing to the goals, objectives, and general welfare of the Chapter, AFCEA Intl, STEM Education, and the greater community.  The Awards team responsibilities will include: interfacing with the AFCEA International Awards Committee; recommending to the AFCEA DC Board those chapter members deserving of awards at the monthly luncheons; developing new methods for recognizing the achievements and contributions to the community of individual AFCEA DC members and companies, including coordinating with other committees for recognition of their Volunteers, and STEM Education awards. >>Volunteer Now

    Finance Committee -- Responsible for the annual review of Chapter fiscal policy & controls, including the development of the Chapter Budget, and an annual audit of the Chapter accounts, as well as advising the Board of Directors on all strategic financial matters. >>Volunteer Now

    Strategic Planning & Policy Committee -- Responsible for Chapter Standard Operating Procedures for each VP & committee area, policy development, maintenance of the Chapter's written strategic plan, staffing & resources requirements, prioritization of Chapter activities, leadership  & records/working papers management, leadership transfer, and institutional change management. >>Volunteer Now

    Membership Committee -- Responsible for securing new members and retaining current members, both individual and corporate, including: initiation and management of Chapter membership promotion programs, and responding to those programs initiated by AFCEA Intl, membership promotion at Monthly Luncheons and Special Events, publicizing member benefits, reviewing the monthly membership roster for follow up action on those members whose membership is about to expire, maintenance of current membership records, developing new services and opportunities for members to benefit from their participation in AFCEA DC, surveying the members on their needs and opinions, and recruitment and management of volunteers. >>Volunteer Now

    Young AFCEANS -- Responsible for the planning and execution of programs which will increase the numbers of, and participation level of, AFCEA DC members who are age 40 and under, including: providing mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming leaders, venues for social and business networking with peers, coordinating of direct volunteer efforts to support the other DC Chapter programs and committees; promoting STEM Education in the region & Ethics-building opportunities for young people; and, promoting the benefits of AFCEA DC involvement. >>Volunteer Now

    Government Affairs Committee -- Responsible for planning and implementing strategies to increase the participation of Government employees in AFCEA DC, including: partnering with various agencies and offices; exploring special recognition and awards programs; targeting communications, messaging, and program themes toward government audiences, removing barriers to government participation, identifying rising leaders within government that should be affiliated with AFCEA DC, encouraging the participation of military and government members in AFCEA DC committees, and especially encouraging the participation of enlisted men and women.  The committee shall establish a network of liaisons in every Government/Military office in the Greater Washington, DC area that has an interest in IT & National Security. Liaisons will work to keep his/her office/unit/command/outfit informed about upcoming AFCEA DC events, luncheons, symposia, & scholarship opportunities, as well as actively recruit and bringing Government members and guests from within the unit to AFCEA DC events. >>Volunteer Now

    Information Committee -- Responsible for providing an infrastructure for achieving communications and electronic assets/records of AFCEA DC, including the Chapter website, membership databases, guest databases, email communications and policies, and planning and executing a technical strategy for internal and external communication with the members, nonmember guests, other organizations, press, government offices, and general public. >>Volunteer Now

    Marketing & Publicity Committee -- Responsible for Chapter communication, messaging, content, and information distribution, including:  publicizing all chapter activities through various trade, military, and public journals, as well as advertise through electronic, other PR outlets, or print/electronic media; maintaining partnerships with various marketing and channel partners; finding new ways to get the word out about Chapter events and activities; developing and implementing a strategy for outreach through social media and social networking; arranging for photographic coverage of meetings, symposia, and social events, and for developing and implementing a strategy to use those images; and, serving as the chapter point of contact with the Editor of SIGNAL magazine and other trade publications. >>Volunteer Now

    Scholarships Committee -- Responsible for the administration and award of AFCEA DC annual scholarships to qualified students pursuing higher education in various technology, scientific, or security related fields. The committee is involved in various aspects of scholarships, including: setting eligibility requirements; setting selection requirements that take into account merit as the primary criteria; establishing and conducting an application process; marketing and outreach to publicize the scholarship opportunity; overseeing application evaluation & recipient selection; awarding of scholarships; conducting activities to recognize scholarship winners at Chapter events; ensuring students receive scholarship checks and follow-up payments in future semesters/years. >>Volunteer Now

    Education & Grants Committee -- Responsible for promoting and fostering STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) efforts in the Greater Washington, DC area, by: using Chapter bully pulpit to raise awareness of the importance of STEM Ed to the economic and National Security of our Nation; working to get every company & every member contributing in some way to STEM Ed (time, money, in-kind), and giving them recognition when they do; providing funding incentives, opportunities, grants, and assistance for schools and teachers that are fostering excellence in STEM education (middle schools, high schools & higher education institutions/students); developing and implementing strategies for raising funds and man-hours to support the Chapter's STEM Ed initiatives; establishing grant-giving policies & procedures for oversight and monitoring of grants given; finding community partners in STEM Ed to multiply the work that we are doing by several fold; publicizing STEM ed successes and donations widely and with great fervor; growing Chapter leaders and volunteers that are invested and passionate about STEM Ed. >>Volunteer Now

    Volunteer Management Committee -- Responsible for encouraging AFCEA members and friends to get more involved in the work of AFCEA DC, by joining committees and taking on leadership roles, including: recruiting volunteers at events and luncheons; recruiting volunteers online;  managing Chapter strategies to collect information and preferences of Volunteers; devising mechanisms to ensure that volunteers are employed and involved by the committees they express interest in; devising mechanisms to thank volunteers for their service, and ensure that volunteer opportunities are of value to the member and Chapter; growing Chapter leadership so that volunteers progress in their time with the Chapter, and eventually take on more important roles and leadership positions; assisting Committee Chairs that need to grow their committees by helping them to recruit volunteers; ensuring that every Chapter committee has a written charge, mission and set of goals, as well as a written job description for every volunteer we employ/deploy. >>Volunteer Now