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AFCEA DC STEM Education Initiatives

Mr. Travis Hartberger

STEM  Teacher of the Quarter:

Ms. Lauren Trujillo


Thank you for supporting AFCEA DC's efforts to improve STEM Education in the Greater Washington, DC region. We believe that properly educating our children in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math is a matter of National Security. It is also critical to U.S. Economic Security, and the well-being of our region. While the Nation's Capital has an impressive science & technology magnet High School, McKinley Technology High School enjoys only a fraction of the community and business support afforded to it's sister schools in the suburbs.


AFCEA DC has adopted McKinley Tech High School this year, and we intend to help bring it the resources needed to reach its full potential. Supporting McKinley will be a major effort, and we are asking our members and partner companies to jump in and assist - as a cornerstone to a larger STEM Education CAMPAIGN. We intend to harness the power of the AFCEA members, and make STEM Education a serious priority for our community. The companies and employees of Washington's Government IT Industry have been blessed with success, and we have both a personal interest and an obligation to give back. "To whom much is given, much is expected."


McKinley Students With Zelinger
McKinley Tech High School Students Celebrate 2nd Semester STEM Luncheon with Board Member Mark Zelinger